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Jewelry Counter Display #2

SKU: Display64


MIX Or MATCH Any Of The Following Jewelry Styles:
Necklaces: JD-301, JD-302, JD-303, JD-304
Bracelets: JD-201, JD-202, JD-203

Choose 6 Styles Of Necklaces
     6 Styles Of Bracelets
        To Fill Display

Please Choose Stone Type
JD-201 Chip Stone Bracelet 2.00 ea
JD-202 Wide Chip Stretch Bracelet 2.50 ea
JD-203 Chip Stone w/ Cord Bracelet 3.00 ea
JD-301 Chip Stone Necklace 1.75 ea
JD-302 Wide Chip Stone Necklace 8.50 ea
JD-303 Chip Stone w/ Cord Necklace 4.50 ea
JD-304 Heart Pendant w/ Cord 3.50 ea
Display $50.00 
Complete with 4, 3 hook wires
Approx PKG Total..................... $187.00

Size: 22 1/2"H x 10"W X 2"D

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